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New Zealand Team

Discovery is a study travel agency specialising in recruiting and assisting teenaged students to study abroad. We at Discovery offer High School Programs, Language Programs and School Holiday Trips.

We are based in Australia and in New Zealand but also offer study and holiday programmes in the following countries: Argentina, France and Spain.

As native English speaking countries, Australia and New Zealand are second to none. Their state schools are fantastically well-resourced and they offer a wide range of academic subjects, as well as impressive technological facilities and co-curricular options.  Having choices is important to our public education system, so that all our young people will have options that match their talents and vocational choices.

Discovery welcomed its very first group of students in Auckland, back in 2000. In 2010 Discovery celebrated 10 years of activities in New Zealand and its inauguration in Australia. Discovery Australia was awarded by EQI (Education Queensland International) in 2014, for its quality services given to their young clients, at only four years young!  

Discovery believes in the importance and benefits that the experience of studying abroad can add to young students’ shaping and ultimately to their future. That is why Discovery decided to also offer outbound programs for Australian and New Zealand students who study or wish to study either French or Spanish.

Learning a second language involves acquisition and practice of multi-layered skills which increase memory and intellectual capacity. These skills can be used again and again to subsequently learn even more languages. Our outbound programs offer young Australians and New Zealanders amazing and fun opportunities to engage with the culture and language of their chosen second language.

Discovery will keep discovering new opportunities to encourage young learners to take positive learning experiences abroad. The Discovery book has a few more chapters to be added….


A story to be continued...

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