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High School Programme

One or Two Semesters


Start January and July

Accommodation: Host Family



Australia strives to offer students an excellent high-quality education in an environment that is safe, welcoming and very well-resourced. Australia has been host to international students since the 1950s.

Australia offers students the opportunity to develop life skills through school education in a positive and sociable atmosphere. Personal development is given high importance, alongside students’ academic success. Australia is one of the world's most multicultural societies and therefore its people readily accept international students into their everyday life. Teachers are generally experienced in teaching subjects to students from a wide range of backgrounds and ethnicities, with the schools often taking great care of their international students.

Australian qualifications are recognized in and outside Australia since it is renowned for the World Class Education that it offers. Australia has a reputation for adopting new technology at a faster rate than most other countries, and also for offering an active and dynamic learning environment.

In Australia, International Students are protected by government regulations: The ESOS Act, CRISCO and the National Code. These not only focus on service and quality education, but also in the best interests and safety of the students.


Short Term High School Programme

To learn more about our Short Term High School Program in Australia, please contact Mrs. Ana Satolo on:

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