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New Zealand is also called AOTEAROA, which means the “land of the long white cloud” in Maori, the name of the language of the indigenous people of New Zealand.

New Zealand is a beautiful, small English speaking country consisting of two main islands, a sizeable third one and many smaller ones. In fact, it is the youngest country in the world, but it is ranked amongst the best 10 in terms of quality of life, natural beauty and safety, to mention a few.  It is modern, prosperous and offers world class educational institutions, hence its popularity as a study destination.

As it is such a young country, New Zealand does not have many old historical buildings.  The almost “absence” of old architecture and heritage art has left New Zealand with many open spaces and beautiful landscapes as its very identity card. The people of New Zealand are known to be creative, open minded and innovative. They love the outdoors and value sporting activities and quality family time, which is probably why they enjoy daytime activities so much more than a busy night lifestyle.

Its British beginnings and English colonization has made New Zealand very much like England in many ways, but its own essence is actually quite cosmopolitan and multi-cultural.  New Zealanders, or “Kiwis”, are generally friendly, trusting and informal people.

Did you know that there are 3 meanings for the word “KIWI” ??

  • Fruit

  • National Bird of New Zealand

  • People of New Zealand

New Zealand facts


4.6 million, approx.


LAND SIZE:  268.021

(similar to Britain)

CLIMATE:  Sub-tropical

(North Island is warmer than South Island)


LANGUAGES:  English (mainly)

and Maori (local indigenous)


CAPITAL CITY:  Wellington (470.000 approx. in Wellington region)


LARGEST CITY:  Auckland,

also known as the “City of Sails”

(1.450.000 approx)



New Zealand Dollar 



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