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Argentina is a very beautiful and interesting country, known for its lively and exuberant culture, music and dance - especially the tango.

Spanish colonization in Argentina began in 1512 and, unlike most South American countries which have significant indigenous and mestizo ethnic influences, Argentina is mostly populated by people of European descent. People came mainly from Spain, its colonizers, and Italy, but also from Germany and other countries in Europe.  Catholicism is the main religion, although there is also a significant Jewish presence there. 

Argentina is the second largest country in Latin America, and it is amongst the three largest Spanish speaking nations in the world.

Argentina is blessed with a variety of beautiful natural wonders, from deserts in the very north and the plains of the Pampas, to the breath-taking Iguazu Falls and the Andean mountains. With all its natural beauty, as well as its colourful and vibrant cultural aspects, there is little wonder why Argentina is a leading tourist attraction in Latin America.

Argentinian facts


42.2 million, approx.


LAND SIZE:  2,780,000  



Tropical & Sub-tropical regions




CAPITAL CITY:  Buenos Aires

(3 million people approx.)


LARGEST CITY:  Buenos Aires


CURRENCY:  Argentine Peso 


CONTINENT: South America

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