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Summer Programme

Linguistic Holidays


Morning French Classes & Afternoon Activities

July - 3 weeks

Accommodation: Host Family (2 weeks) – Residence in Paris (1 week)



This is a 3-week programme and consists of morning language classes and various afternoon activities. These include sporting, fun, competition and cultural activities such as sailing, crepe making, water rafting, visiting neighbouring cities, biking, cultural excursions, beach games, hiking, canoeing and more.

Students will stay with a French host family in the first two weeks, in one of these three regions:


  • Brittany, where its Celtic heritage is related to the indigenous cultures of Ireland, Wales and Scotland

  • Toulouse Region, the capital of which, Toulouse, is the European city of Space, assembling the Airbus A380 and other air and space craft

  • Arcachon Bay, where Europe’s largest sand dune is located.


The third and last week of the programme will take place in Paris – the City of Light. This is a time when our students meet each other again and compare their experiences, while continuing to remain within a French programme. The whole experience is shared by many other students from various nationalities and backgrounds.

Students will visit the Louvre Museum, Notre Dame and the Latin Quarter, as well as cruise the Seine River and more.

This is a fantastic way to spend your break between terms, enjoying the North Hemisphere Summer and connecting to French language, culture and people.

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